Training and Development

TFE management is dedicated to a managerial approach based on progress and planning for the future.

It sees training as one of the best means of enhancing competitiveness.


Employees must have access to all the tools required to guarantee their performance through continued support from the IT department.


Management has always promoted continuous in-house training. It is the role of centre managers as they supervise and monitor the development of each employee.

TFE therefore enables employees to develop skills and meet targets linked to their position and their development. Employees focus on constant improvement through the acquisition of new skills.


Thanks to communication and social dialogue, employees adapt to changes at TFE. Management ensure employees adapt to their workplace. It monitors their ability to respond to changes in their job, their business sector and the technologies used. The most obvious example is second language training which is available to all employees.

Provisional training plan procedure

  • Identification of needs
  • Assessment of skills
  • Adaptation to workplace

TFE actively promotes the individual right to training and informs employees of this right through their pay slips.

Warehouse drivers receive training to make their work area safer: CACES (safe driving certificate), Movement and Posture, FIMO (initial training course), etc.