Since 2010, the TFE Group has signed agreements and distribution agreements to develop product ranges for the oil, mining and industrial sectors.

The products offered by TFE are subject to certain standards

PPE, an example of compliance with standards.

All Personal Protective Equipment is subject to current European regulations as part of the "essential requirements" set out by the directives and specified by the standards.

CE marketing guarantees free movement for a product in the European Union.

When marketed, PPE requires a technical file. It must be accompanied by a declaration of compliance and an instruction manual.

Compliance with EC regulations

Since their implementation, EC regulations and European standards have been applied to all personal protective equipment by TFE's partners.

Find out about the standards relating to each specific
type of protection:

  • Safety boots and shoes
  • Protective gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Wet and cold weather and high visibility clothing
  • PPE for short-term use
  • Protective goggles and screens
  • Protective head gear
  • Fall protection systems
  • High-tech clothing


The TFE Group decided to launch its own brand, MyLubricants, a subsidiary specialising in lubricants.

The services offered by MyLubricants:

  • Cutting edge lubricants
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Distributed worldwide
  • A team of technical sales representatives
  • Related services

The advantages of MyLubricants :

  • Customise your product range to create your own brand from a range of lubricants and related products
  • Develop the traceability of your consumables
  • A predictive maintenance service
  • Lubricants adapted to local operating conditions
  • Compliance with international standards and specifications (API, ISO, ACEA [European Automobile Manufacturers' Association])

Fields of application:

  • Oil & Gaz
  • Mining
  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Transport & vehicles
  • Agriculture & forestry

Our commitments and conditions


  • Global sourcing
  • Customised equipment
  • Discounts if you are registered on our website
  • ISO 9001-2008 quality control
  • Real-time tracking of quotations and orders
  • Variable shipment costs according to volume and weight of your goods

Terms and conditions:

  • The PPE website is reserved for professional customers and the minimum order amount is €1500

Some of our partners

Protection :

  • Delta plus (Panoply, Tiger Steel, Venitex, Showa)
  • MSA

Detection :

  • MSA

Radio telecommunications:

  • Motorola

Cathodic protection (Anodes) :

  • Marpo

Our ranges