Our Quality policy

Based on many years' experience, TFE has formalised an effective and proactive quality management system to meet several essential principles.

Customer care

Customer satisfaction is the very basis of any quality management system. Convinced of this, TFE has developed a communication process to identify customer needs, regularly assess their level of satisfaction and implement necessary corrective action.

Our commitments

  • Guarantee company profitability while improving customer and employee satisfaction
  • Understand and anticipate customer and market requirements and expectations
  • Support customers in all stages of their projects
  • Maintain our company's corporate image
  • Successfully manage customer requests and orders
  • Optimise our supply sources
  • Assists our customers' buyers with financial aspects
  • Ensure our IT tools operate correctly and are continually upgraded
  • Provide support for departments regarding company operation and improvement for the benefit of our customers

Continuous improvement

Diagramme cyclique

Our quality policy targets are monitored using a quality control system. Internal audits and feedback enable us to take action and improve our processes. Preventive and corrective measures are implemented and guarantee effective and appropriate organisation.

Aware of the importance of choosing the right suppliers, TFE monitors and assesses their performance to build long-term partnerships.

Our Health, Safety and Environment programme

TFE is actively involved in an effective safety and accident prevention programme and provides safe working conditions for all employees.

Raising staff awareness

To reduce the number of incidents, TFE raises staff awareness of safety issues, ensures systems are reliable and makes sure all current standards are adopted.

Risk assessment

To reduce and monitor professional risks within the company, such as accidents at work, occupational diseases and environmental risks (pollution, noise). TFE analyses these risks, assesses them and recommends appropriate solutions.

Hazardous situation

Environmental protection

Sustainable development and environmental protection are the responsibility of each and every one of us.

TFE has therefore adopted certain basic measures in waste management: sorting toners, ink cartridges and everyday waste, recycling paper, etc.