Services and Solutions

TFE is a purchasing office providing services for one or more stages of the supply chain on behalf of different customer families: oil, oil-related, mining and engineering:

Purchasing office

Consolidated by its sales staff, the purchasing office provides quick and specific solutions to various international tenders for chosen customers.

Delegated procurement

Delegated procurement under contract in compliance with specifications and a protocol defined with its customers. TFE integrates customer processes in its procurement and quality system and has a transparent Customer/Supplier invoicing system.

Our services include:

  • Acknowledging customer requirements
  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Negotiating prices, contract terms and conditions and deadlines
  • Managing Incoterms
  • Quotations
  • Order tracking
  • Quantitative and qualitative order acceptance and checking
  • Quality control and organising third-party inspections
  • Special conservation, labelling, packaging of products
  • Logistics: consolidation, container loading and shipment
  • Transport management, export documents, importation procedures, customs clearance and on-site delivery
  • Schedule management
  • File administrative and financial processing

Training of buyers and logistics coordinators, sent by the given company, in TFE's teams.

Real-time tracking of operations with and for the customer, thanks to a dedicated software package and access to TFE's premises.

We guarantee ongoing process improvement.